Marriage God’s Way

God’s Original Intention for Marriage

by Irene Webster

From the very beginning of creation God had a plan, a plan for man and woman to prosper and subdue the earth. And He said it is GOOD. However, God always knew that humanity would fail to meet His high standards yet He continued to show mankind the best way for husbands and wives to function together.

God had a plan for couples to be blessed and free from the Genesis curse and went to great lengths to demonstrate it through His own personhood and character. No question, God is faithful and His best for all Christian marriages is that they operate as one flesh and also be faithful.

God’s best is for all marriages to be entered into for a committed lifetime, permanent and covenant, functioning more like one person, however, allowing each distinctly different individuals to excel in their own personal expertise’s with both deferring to one another in love and respect.

God knew that it wasn’t good for man to be alone and that each person should have a mate, a good marriage.  However, it took the sacrifice of God’s own Son, Jesus Christ to show us the way to salvation and a better life. Jesus Christ became the great equalizer between male and female in marriage.

It is when we are born again the curse is broken off couples and if they follow Christ’s example of sacrificial service, even unto death the results are amazing. These couples lives become a reflection of the very same sacrificial life style Jesus himself role modeled, with the husband lovingly putting his wife first, treating her as he would his own flesh and the wife respecting her husband, reciprocating in her role as the more spiritually sensitive helper, not a slave.

The result is a loving husband and a subjected wife, but with each deferring to one another in love.

That is true heaven on earth…..

In His Love,

Rev. Irene Webster

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Cleave in this passage means to cling or adhere, follow close, be joined, keep, overtake, pursue hard, stick, take

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Blessings, Irene