Get Right or Get Left!

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You cannot make them act right. You can’t make yourself responsible for them acting right. You cannot waste your life waiting on them to act right. You are not God, you are not the crazy whisperer, and you are not their mommy or daddy, you’re a mate.

I don’t care how good they started out, what they did when you dated, or how good they were to you in the beginning. Marriage is a marathon not a sprint. When somebody starts acting crazy in the middle of the race, trust and believe they didn’t change all of a sudden, they got comfortable enough to become more of who they are. Masks fall off, crazy comes out when imposters get comfortable.

Trust this: you can’t lose what you never had. You didn’t have a lifetime relationship; you had a season. You didn’t have a destiny relationship; you had a history relationship. When somebody turns on you, betrays you, abuses you, or tramples on your pearls, it’s not an accident…it’s a choice.

Listen, Judas chose to betray Jesus…Jesus didn’t make Judas betray Him, Jesus didn’t try to make Judas be somebody he wasn’t, and Jesus didn’t ask God why Judas did what he did.

Don’t doubt who somebody is because of who you thought they were…don’t try to figure out what you did to make them be who they are or what you can do to make them be somebody they don’t want to be. You have two options when somebody chooses to be who they are…disbelieve the truth or pick up your pearls and believe God’s promises for your life beloved.

Your future isn’t over, their role in your future is over…not one plan, promise or blessing that God has for your life is going to depend on you staying in Egypt. When what you thought was heaven turns into hell, it was always hell beloved — heaven was just a mask that lasted for as long as it could. Go get your promises.

Carry On!

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Patrick Weaver is global faith leader and passionate, humble servant of God dedicated to helping people from all walks of life and backgrounds harness the power of faith to walk in victory, succeed in life and create fulfilling relationships. Through his inspirational blogs, books and online presence, Patrick has the privilege of reaching and serving over 2 million people around the world every month with his transformational and empowering messages of hope, healing and power.

Regarded as one of the most influential and impactful evangelists for change, Patrick’s bold, life-giving teaching fearlessly wrestles with the realities of life, and intentionally focuses on the whole person – the complex mixture of spiritual, physical, social, mental and emotional components that make us human. Patrick is an outspoken advocate and a leader in the fight against domestic abuse. Patrick is a certified domestic violence counselor, trauma-informed specialist, and consultant dedicated to shifting mindsets and amplifying the voices of victims of domestic abuse. Patrick is pursuing a master’s degree in psychology as part of his ongoing commitment to an integrated approach to trauma recovery.