Alleta Freeman…A Life Well Lived

By Irene Webster

Alleta Freeman

Alleta Freeman, my precious friend of 32 years, God given spiritual mentor, Unity of Faith board member, fellow suffering sister, but victorious Christian in the Lord Jesus Christ…is gone. Gone, but not forgotten, and certainly never be seen again! Yes, Alleta died on May 9, 2019 from cancer leaving MANY behind that loved her dearly. But what was so compellingly wonderful about this dear soul? SHE SHOWED ME HOW TO LIVE EVEN WHEN WOUNDED.

You ask, “How?” I respond, “With passion, love, hope, and joy!” Alleta was an exciting, free soul, the type of Christian you rarely meet, always exploring life, not stuffy, isolated, or shackled by bitterness, religious rules, and regulation but rather she was a woman always looking for the best in ALL people, encouraging, loving, and serving others!

Let me clearly say here she was far from perfect and although she sometimes took correction grudgingly, she always promised to prayerfully consider what I said. Surprisingly, when she did find the Word revealed a belief she held dear was wrong she was quick to correct her beliefs.

Alleta Freeman with her sons

Never stuck in self-righteousness, and smug superiority, she truly was humble and sought to change despite her vast biblical and Hebraic knowledge.

Why? Why at the ripe old age of 73 did she seek counsel to improve her Christian walk? Because she loved and feared God…only wanting to please her Lord and Savior.

Alleta knew who her Redeemer was and sought His presence every day, not making a decision without biblical direction and a right heart. She knew His voice!

Alleta was generous but frugal, talkative but guarded carefully so never to disparage others, and always completely committed to obeying God’s Word.

In fact, there was nothing that would keep her from obeying the Holy Spirit even as the days of her illness progressed and the pain became worse and her strength abated.

You see, God always came first with Alleta. Even when she couldn’t stand another minute of pain, or confusion, she was quick to call for prayer because she knew the power of agreement.

She knew her God would always help her in times of trouble.

This was a woman who was gracious, charming, kind, warm, and exciting. She loved life and lived it to the fullest, sharing with others her love and help in times of trouble, often generous to a fault.

Nowhere have I met a woman her equal. Never have I met even one person who demonstrated love the way she did.

So, I thank you Father God for the gift of my friend Alleta…I will miss her presence, but I will never forget how she showed me how to live, how to love and how to die.

In His love and service,


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